Strategic Plan

Creating a Plan for the Future

The Rogers Public Schools has been working to develop and implement a plan to take the school district from good to great to extraordinary. 

In 2005, the district superintendent sought the support of the board and the community to begin an intensive planning process. With the approval of the board and the financial assistance of the Rogers Development Foundation, the Rogers School District worked with the educational consulting firm Cross and Joftus to develop a strategic plan to achieve the district's high goals. 

The consultants gathered data, interviewed teachers, parents and community members, and conducted focus groups to assess the district's strengths and opportunities for improvement. The consultants presented their findings and preliminary recommendations and then a strategic planning committee, which included teachers, community members, administrators and the school board president, met to review the recommendations and develop the plan. 

The committee presented the overview report on the Strategic Plan to the board, and the board gathered feedback at a public comment session and added an amendment regarding Special Education before approving it. 

The district has been in the process of implementing the recommendations and will use them as part of the on-going process of continuous improvement. 

You are also welcome to share your feedback by contacting us at 500 W. Walnut, Rogers, AR 72756 or by telephone at 479-636-3910 or by e-mail at 

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